Already mastered the art of Facebook advertising and content creation? Ramp up your Facebook strategy by creating and managing your own Facebook Group.

How to Start a Group

Starting a Facebook Group is easy. Start by clicking the “Groups” button in your menu on Facebook. This will open up new options. Look for and select the one that says “Create New Group.” From there you can input your group name, decide whether you want to make your group public or private, and invite people to join. Once you’re happy with the initial details, click the create group button to publish your group. 

After your group is created, you can edit the details of your group from the Manage Group menu. Some items you can consider setting up include whether or not you want new members to automatically be allowed in or if they should be approved. You can also schedule posts, set up group rules, and update your group settings through the menu.

Be sure to visit the Settings section of your Facebook Group to customize your Group’s URL, manage membership, set up posting rules, and access additional features.

Facebook Group Ideas

Having and running a Facebook Group can be a very rewarding business move, but you have to have a goal and audience in mind. Here are some groups your Facebook Group can target to help attract buyers and sellers or to help grow your real estate business.


Having a real estate niche is a good way to start building relationships that can lead to referrals and new business. Consider starting a Facebook Group for pet parents, seniors, veterans, or whichever niche you specialize in. That way, when the time comes that someone in your group is interested in finding a home, you’ll already have a connection with them.


Many real estate agents work alone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find people to support you. There are already popular Facebook Groups, like Secrets of Top Selling Agents and Labcoat Agents that you can join to discuss the latest industry news and ask questions. However, you can also get a lot of value from creating a group for local real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and builders to connect and collaborate.


Buying or selling a home can be confusing. Help clarify the process and meet people who self-identify as being interested in buying or selling by creating a group for prospective buyers, sellers, or investors. 

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