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Creating new resources and downloadables is an important part of any marketing plan; it gives you the perfect reason to reach out to your network of leads, prospects, clients, and referral sources. However, with so much content available, it is important to develop a game plan to effectively deliver your content. Make sure your content is reaching your audience with these four steps.

Step 1: Share it on your website. Your content isn’t going anywhere until you have a place to store it. Create a library of downloadable resources on your website and divide your resources into categories to make it easy for anyone visiting to find what they’re looking for. Categories such as “first-time buyer” or “homeowner tips” can help make your resources more accessible.

Step 2: Make your website resources search friendly. Write a paragraph or two about each of your resources. The keywords in your resource descriptions will make it easier for search engines to find your content and can help persuade your web visitors to download your guides, checklists, and eBooks.

Step 3: Add new resource links to your social networks. Once your resource library is all set up and ready for visitors, start actively sending people to check it out. Share a preview/teaser image and a link to your new resources on your social pages to let your followers know you’ve added something new! Don’t forget to add a CTA (call to action), letting them know to download their free copy.

Step 4: Send your contacts an email. You don’t want to bombard your contacts with constant marketing messages, but depending on how many resources you create, consider sending a monthly or quarterly update. Be sure to let your contacts know about the great new resources available and include links to your website so they can download them!

If all else fails and steps 1 through 4 aren’t getting you the exposure you’re looking for, print a few copies of your latest resources to keep in the office for visitors to read or hand out copies to anyone who stops by. New resources can also be great for mailing or dropping off in person in your geographic farm.

Don’t have time to create new resources? Check out the free, brandable resources from Just add your name, email, and phone number and start sharing them with your contacts today! To learn how else can help you grow your business, give us a call at 888-651-8956 or send an email to