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A haunted house is fun to visit, but have you thought about living in one? That’s a question a real estate agent who represents sellers of a haunted house need to factor into their marketing strategy. To successfully market and sell a haunted house consider implementing these few tips:

Hire someone to “clear” the space. If you’ve done your due diligence to search the home for any unusual sounds or behavior and still haven’t found a rational explanation then it may be time to hire someone to check out the space.  According to, a “space clearer” is someone who communicates with those from the other side who can help ask any “rent-free visitors,” to please move it along.

Put the word out. Some people say regardless of your state’s policy, it’s just good business practice to tell people about any squatters from the past. Depending on a state’s definition of “stigmatized property,” the seller has to tell the buyer whether or not their house is infested with termites, or poltergeists.  A stigmatized property is a property where something has happened on the premise that could psychologically affect the buyer. That includes a natural death, murder, suicide, a previous owner had HIV/AIDS, a felony was committed on the property, and, in some states, ghosts. But there is a way to quietly communicate the fact that your home is a haunted house to other agents and home buyers. Heck, there are tons of people who are interested in paranormal activity and may find that fact interesting.

Prepare for the effects. Information that a home may be haunted can affect the value of the house and can also prolong the sale of that home. Although most people would not actively search for a haunted house, there are those who would consider such a residence as a bonus. So don’t assume that this fact will hurt or help the value of your home. Some home buyers may want to pay more for a haunted location; whereas others may not go near it.

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