The COVID-19 outbreak has left many agents like yourself unsure of what exactly they can do to keep their business going or how to get ahead during this time. Recently, we had Marki Lemons-Ryhal in our Secrets of Top Selling Agents Facebook Group to share some tips on what you can do to reboot your business during this time. 

Lemons-Ryhal came to the group to share tips on using video to reboot your business during this time. From equipment, to creating strategy Lemons-Ryhal has you covered. 

Select the Right Video Equipment

Before you can film your video and create content, you have to have the right equipment to do so. The equipment does not have to be the same quality as you would use for a Hollywood movie, but should definitely be something that can help you produce your content. 

Lemons-Ryhal shares that by having the right equipment, you’ll get a professional grade video that will not only make you look good, but will get viewers engaging with it. Check out this list of suggested equipment before filming your first video: 

  • Selfie Stick. Lemons-Ryhal suggests that having a selfie stick will help you create a video at the right angle and will help showcase your surroundings. 
  • Directional Microphone. A directional microphone will attach directly to your phone or device and will help make sure that you are the one who is being heard in your video and not the noise from your surroundings. 
  • Lapel Microphone. A lapel microphone is a good option when you are trying to maintain the sound of your voice – this microphone will clip onto your shirt and will record your voice; however you might hear some background noise with a lapel mic. 
  • Lighting. Purchase a light for those low-lit areas so that you are always seen in your video. If you have poor lighting and you are unable to be seen, you might lose viewers if they can’t see you or the environment that you are in. 
  • Portable Battery. Keep your devices charged. When you are using your devices to create videos, make sure to always have a portable battery on hand to help keep your devices charged and production on point.

Go Live

Lately, the way to get engagement on your social media videos is to either produce a video that is at least three minutes long, or to go live on your social media platforms. Almost each social media platform has a way to go live. 

Instagram has Instagram Live, Facebook has Facebook Live, and Twitter has Live Streaming. By going live, you are giving your social media followers an organic look into you as a real estate agent. Going live can help you showcase a listing, drive traffic back to your social profile or even just encourage a live conversation with your followers. For more benefits of going live and tips for how to go live, click here

Create a Content Calendar

You may be wondering how often you should post; there is no right or wrong answer, but you should be prepared to put together a content calendar of what video content you plan to publish.

To create a content calendar, Lemons-Ryhal suggests writing your video release days on a planner or calendar. Keep to it. Allow yourself some time to record and edit the video content to get it ready to post. When you create a content calendar, you can create videos that are relevant to your business and what is going on in the market currently or even to connect with your clients on a more personal level. 

To check out Marki Lemons-Ryhal’s Facebook Live Videos, head over to the Secrets of Top Selling Agents Facebook Group to watch.