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By upgrading to Preferred Listings on you gain exclusive leads and Preferred Agent branding. With Preferred Agent branding, all preferred listing lead inquiries are sent to the listing agent only. Additionally, no further advertisements (like Local Connect) will show on Preferred Listings.

With Preferred Agent branding, your agent profile receives prioritized placement in your coverage areas, boosting your visibility for buyers and sellers doing an agent search. You also get the “Preferred” badge next to your name in the agent directory and on any Local Connect Ads you subscribe to, helping you stand out to buyers and sellers on

Use these great benefits to grow your business, highlight your brand, and generate quality leads. Preferred listings are offered in tiered packages—1 listing slot, 5 listing slots, etc.—making it easy to customize your preferred package to meet your needs.

Choosing which listings you display as preferred and when they are preferred is easy through your dashboard. As a preferred agent, you will have access to the “Preferred Listing Priority Settings” control panel. Through here you can easily choose how your listing preferences will be assigned. The four options for this are listed below.

    • Random Rotation (Default) – Available slots will be filled with your listings at random. Every 24 hours a new set of preferred listings will be selected.
    • Highest Priced Listings – Available slots will be filled with your listings with the highest price.
    • Newest Listings – Available slots will be filled with your newest listings.
    • Manual Mode -You manually determine which of your eligible listings will be marked as preferred.

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