The real estate market is booming, but if you find yourself still looking to fill some slots on your dance card, it may be time to dust off your old address book and drum yourself up some Valentine’s Day business. Find out how to attract the attention of buyers in your market and get them ready to commit to working with you. 

Play Hard to Get

Your time is valuable; don’t pine after leads who will never take the leap. Instead, set them up in a nurturing campaign while you focus on finding the people looking for a serious real estate relationship. Start by checking for basic compatibility with your contacts. Before you end up head over heels for a potential client, cover your bases by asking when they’re looking to buy and if they’re already working with an agent to find out if they might be a potential match.

Rekindle Old Flames

Did you feel that special spark with a buyer only to have an obstacle pop up or experience a slow end to messages and phone calls as the passion to find a home died out? Maybe it just wasn’t the right time. Well, this Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to rekindle that old flame and build a foundation to move forward with their purchase. Just remember not to be too pushy when reaching out to past connections. Start by getting reacquainted with them. Ask questions about them, their job, their family, and slowly work your way around to real estate. Even if they don’t think it’s the right time for them, they may know someone who would be the perfect match for you!

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

If your unclosed contacts don’t turn out to be the client of your dreams, don’t despair! There are plenty of fish in the sea. With the right bait, you can have your cold contacts reaching out to you, then all you have to do is reel them in. Use your blog, social media pages, and advertisements on to remind your sphere of influence why buying a home with you should be on their to-do list. 

Express Interest

Don’t be afraid to let possible clients know you’re interested in them! If you see them make a social media post about a promotion, birthday, or other big life event, reach out and congratulate them. This is a great way to open up lines of communication so that you can strengthen your bond and encourage future business.

Pop the Question

Reconnecting with old leads and contacts is just the first step to cementing a working relationship with them. At some point, you’ll have to actually pop the question. Are they, or someone they know, thinking about buying a house? Just asking the question opens up possibilities and starts you and your lead down the road to a successful closing.

Reconnecting with cold leads can be tough, but it’s a big part of giving your business the happily ever after it deserves. While you reach out to your cold leads, make sure you’re making the most of your current leads with Lead Concierge. Our team of lead specialists will respond to and screen your incoming leads to help you get the best possible conversion rate. Learn how it works here.