Many buyers and sellers cool down in the weeks leading up to the holidays, but after the presents are unwrapped and Christmas dinner is eaten, they’re ready to get back into the action. Every year, sees a huge traffic surge from December 25th to the 26th as buyers dig back into their local real estate offerings and sellers check to see how much their home could be worth.

Do you have a plan in place to make the most of the renewed interest in real estate from people looking to move early in the new year? Here are some ways you can connect with new leads, aside from advertising with

Get Social.

December is a big time for social gatherings. Start reconnecting with past clients via social media now to ensure you’re top of mind when your contacts hear someone mention that they’re looking to transact in the new year. This will put you in a good position for a referral.

Creating and sharing social posts about buying or selling in the new year is a good place to start rebuilding your presence in your contacts’ lives, but also be sure to seek out recent posts from your social contacts and respond to their social media messages. They have a better chance of seeing your reply to their posts than seeing the content that you post. Just remember to keep your response to their post on topic rather than jumping straight to requesting a referral.

Advertising on social media can also be a good route to experiment with. Post some blogs or free downloads about buying or selling on your website and direct ad viewers back to your website so you can attract new business to your website. Just be sure to incorporate a lead capture form so that you can follow up with this new business.

Get Out There.

Your community isn’t just online. Take to the streets by visiting or joining parades, festivals, and other holiday events. Attending local events is a great way to meet new people, many of whom will be, or know someone who will be buying or selling a home in the new year.

If you’re attending the event as a vendor, be sure your elevator pitch is up to date and well practiced. Also, come prepared with some free giveaways like candy canes and branded pencils for both children and adults. Some printed, branded guides showing buyers and sellers how to get started with a home sale can also generate interest and help leads get back in touch with you after the holidays. Check out our library of free brandable guides to download our pre-made flyers or for inspiration in creating your own.

If you’re attending an event as a guest, bring plenty of business cards and take time to chat with the vendors. There may be opportunities for you to support each other’s businesses. Local artisans are often looking for exposure that you can grant them by including their wares in gift baskets you give to new homeowners or as prizes for different contests or promotions you run. They, in turn, could repost or share information from you to their social channels to expand your exposure in the community.

You can also attract new buyers and sellers to your website with a strong SEO presence. Find out how’s SEO services for real estate agents can help get your website on the first page of search results here!