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HDC-User-Generated-Content-Blog-2534Content is an important part of any successful internet campaign, but it can be hard to consistently create interesting and useful information all on your own. That’s why user-generated content is so great! Check out these three ways to create and leverage user-generated content on your website, social accounts, and email marketing.


Do a poll on your social accounts and website to determine the top five burger joints, picnic spots, grocery stores, theaters, etc. Compile your results and share the results as printable flyers.

Consider creating a series of “Top ___ as Voted by You” lists to build a recognizable brand. You can take it a step further by printing out an award or certificate to give to the top businesses to display in their store (don’t forget to add your branding) and compiling your lists into a downloadable eBook.

Share your lists on social media, your website, email campaigns, and in person. Consider the pros and cons of requiring registration or sign up to access the full collection.


Think of a video you would like to have on your website or social networks and hold a video contest, asking your audience to create it. Consider having neighborhood reviews from actual residents raving about how great the schools are or showing off their favorite thing to do or place to visit near them.

Add the videos to your website’s neighborhood pages, post the winning videos on your social pages, and add a YouTube playlist to share the videos. Just make sure your submission form includes an “I agree” option for you to reuse the videos in your marketing!


There are a lot of ways you can use photos. Have a holiday/door-decorating contest, ask people to share their latest DIY project, or find out what they can make with a list of specific materials. Offer a fun prize related to the contest and have entrants post their submission for a chance to win.

You can pick the winner or have the photo with the most likes, retweets, etc. win to encourage your audience to send their friends and family to your page. The contest and entries can be a great way to keep your audience engaged and growing. Create a page for your website that showcases your contest winners and add a “subscribe” option to receive emails and notifications with up-to-date news, local events, and contests.

Do you have a great technique for creating and leveraging user content? Share it with us below! Looking for social media guidance? We can help! Let us tell you about Social at 888-651-8956!