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Creating and maintaining a blog is a lot of work, but there are still a lot of busy real estate agents who take the time to hash out new content each week. Have you ever wondered why? It’s because of leads. Blog content is an ideal way to work relevant local keywords, backlinks, and other content search engines can pick up on into your website so that you can show up in search results. Blog content is also a helpful way to provide buyers and sellers in your area with information demonstrating you are the local expert. So, yes, blogging is important. But what should you write about?

Real Estate Content

As a real estate agent, real estate content is obviously going to be very important on your blog. Just remember to balance it out with other types of content rather than relying on it as your main content type. When choosing real estate relevant topics, think about the kind of information that will help buyers and sellers get ready transact.

Buyers may enjoy information about improving their credit, different types of loans, and tools to help them figure out how much they can afford to pay for a home. Popular seller topics may include information about getting their home ready to sell, staging, and what to expect from the home selling process.

Neighborhood value trends and information highlighting recent sales and pricing trends in your area are also great information to share with buyers and sellers.

Local Content

Adding fresh, unique local content to your website is one of the best moves you can make if you want to improve your rankings in search results and attract more leads. Information about local news and events, upcoming roadwork, area attractions, school information, restaurant recommendations, and things to do are all popular subjects that can position you as the local expert and attract potential buyers and sellers to your blog.

Try to make local content a fairly large part of your content calendar to attract more top of funnel real estate leads. As they get used to accessing your content for their day-to-day information needs, your blog will become the obvious source of information when they start thinking about buying or selling a home.

General Content

To get the best results from your blog, you’ll want to keep past clients in mind when you prepare content. DIY projects, home-improvement ideas, and maintenance schedules are a great way to keep your past clients coming back to your blog so you can capitalize on any referrals and repeat business they have to offer.

You can also include ideas about activities, projects, and hobbies in with your content to provide more interesting content topics.

Holiday/Occasion Content

Holidays and special occasions generate a lot of web searches around the time of the occasion. You can capitalize on those searches to pull more traffic to your blog and social channels. Some occasions like graduations, weddings, or the birth of a child may signal possible interest in making a move or buying a home while holidays like Christmas, Mother’s Day, and New Years can generate massive traffic opportunities if you create the right hook.

Whatever the holiday or occasion, be sure to promote your content on social media to help it attract attention at the right time.

Free Resources

Consistently posting fresh, original content on your blog is a great way to attract new readers, but whether they visit from a link on your social channels, search results, or because you told someone about the blog and they decided to check it out, you’re dependent on them choosing to come to your blog. However, you can take charge and take initiative to reach out to your audience if you get their email addresses. That’s where free resources come in.

People like free things. Offer special guides, checklists, and other downloads to people who sign up to receive your newsletter or emails. You can find a large variety of personalizable consumer guides you can add your information to in the eBook library, or you can create and share your own guides.

While you’re checking out the free consumer guide in the eBook library, you may also want to grab your free copy of 300 Content Ideas for Your Blog and Social Channels. It has specific holiday, real estate, and general topic ideas for your blog and social networks.