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HDC_Instagram_Updates_2624_1200x600.jpgInstagram has changed a lot over the past year, with August heralding the introduction of several game-changing updates. Among these was Stories, a popular method of sharing photos and videos as a collection visible to the user’s followers for 24 hours. Since then, Instagram has added even more features to help users connect with potential followers.


Instagram is now introducing the ability to add links to posts. These links will appear under the image’s “see more” button, ensuring they don’t clutter the picture. This means that only those who are serious about your image’s message will actually see the link, helping generate quality interest.

Initially, this functionality will be limited to verified accounts: those belonging to popular public figures, brands, and celebrities. Eventually, however, this feature should be available to everyone. Once it is, try using it to link to your listings’ landing pages, your website, social pages, etc. Just keep in mind, the end game should be to drive your traffic to somewhere you can capture lead information.


When Instagram was born, it seemed like a social platform that would be of little use to businesses. Now, however, with  60% of Instagram’s 400 million active users logging in each day, the social site is providing a captive audience that 85% of top brands are attempting to reach. The image-based platform allows businesses to create more personal connections with their followers. And now, capable of tagging someone in Instagram Stories, businesses can direct pictures or videos at specific people.

This new feature makes it easy to share important information or answer questions from specific contacts while simultaneously making the data available for general consumption. Tags can also be used to highlight happy clients.


This stand-alone app allows you to create micro, one-second videos that play on loop and is a fun way to differentiate yourself from competitors on Instagram.

Try using this app to highlight clients celebrating the purchase of a new home—perhaps by showing the click of champagne glasses or the moment you hand over the keys to the home, unlock the door of the home, hang the “sold” sign, etc.

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