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As a professional especially in real estate, you know how important your phone is in your everyday tasks. It’s your lifeblood and without it, you’d feel helpless. Am I right?

We are getting into Corporate Convention season (Keller Williams, Realogy, ReMax), and many real estate professionals, agents and Realtors will be networking with colleagues. They will be asking them what they enjoy and dislike about their smartphones. There will certainly be seminars on this too! I just returned from the Keller Williams Family Reunion in Orlando and this was one of the most popular topics of discussion.

Which is the best phone to have? There are actually a couple of great phones, so let’s take a look at the smartphones more real estate professionals, agents, Realtors are depending on based on sales numbers from International Data Corporation.

The Data Revealed:

Sales of smartphones exploded in the fourth quarter of 2011. They shot up a whopping 55% to 158 million units sold in just three months. In fact, 1 out of every 3 phones sold in the fourth quarter was a smartphone. Guess who led the way? None other than Apple, who sold 37 million iPhones in this period. It’s market share jumped 50%, from 16% of total smartphones to 24%.

Samsung was second, powered by the Android operating system, with 23% of the market share, up from 9%.

These two phone makers accounted for almost half of all smartphones sold in the fourth quarter. It’s obvious that these phones are the most popular today with consumers.  Apple and Android app stores are dominating the market and battling for the top spot.

I personally have an iPhone and love it, but I know Androids have awesome capabilities that are in competitive with Apple.  Although they don’t seem to have as many applications available as Apple; they are improving fast and increasing their available apps.  I don’t think you can go wrong with either brand.

Now that we know what’s hot, we should also take a look into what’s not so hot. Are there phones that real estate professionals should consider staying away from for business? According to the sales numbers, consumers are shunning Blackberrys and Nokias.   These companies lost the most market share during the same quarter. Blackberry has a lot going on and is not releasing any new products until the end of 2012. Nokia, however, is a different story because in 2011, Nokia took a big gamble and agreed to a partnership with Microsoft. These new phones will be launched in 2012 and the operating system from Microsoft has gotten rave reviews from insiders. Will they love the hardware that Nokia is producing and,  more importantly, will consumers love the finished product? We will have to wait and see the sales numbers when these phone are finally released?

If you’re an real estate professional looking for a change, my advice is to switch to an iPhone 4S or a Samsung designed Android. These phones are proven devices that are perfect your busy lifestyle and can manage multiple tasks simultaneously.