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In’s continued efforts to improve the experience of your Homes Connect website, we have added greater functionality to your Homes Connect IDX search. Your clients can now narrow their home search to the properties that they really want to see using the “New Multiple Keyword” function.

Under the “More Options” tab, clients will now be able to enter multiple keywords in one of two search fields. These two new options will open up the possibility of your clients finding exactly the property they are looking for, all from your Homes Connect website.

The two new additions to the IDX search parameters are:

  1. “All of these keywords”
    With “All of these keywords,” your IDX search will display all the results containing the exact keywords that are present in the listing description, helping clients specifically target certain properties that meet their criteria.

  1. “Any of these keywords”
    “Any of the keywords,” on the other hand, will display results where at least one of the keywords are present in the listing description. This will give your clients the ability to view many properties that meet their particular needs.

We are confident that your clients will appreciate this new addition to your IDX search. In closing, we would like to leave you with 3 tips to improve the search results using the new Multiple Keyword Search options:

  1. The search will work whether a comma or space separates the keywords that were entered.
    So don’t worry about how clients will enter their keyword searches; their results will pull up regardless.

  2. Understand the difference between the two options – “All” vs. “Any.”
    Example: if a client types in “fenced backyard” using the “all of these keywords” option, descriptions with the words “fenced yard” or even “fenced back yard” will be excluded because they do not meet the exact search.

  3. The keyword search results come from the “property description” section of a listing.
    The search results are dependent on what you or another real estate agent have entered into a listing’s description section. Have clients search with words or phrases you would expect to see in a description section, such as “waterfront,” “spacious,” or “scenic.”

Utilizing these three easy tips with the new Multiple Keyword Search will help your clients find their dream home and start their own home moments, all through using your Homes Connect site. If you have any questions about this feature or any other Homes Connect feature, feel free to give us a call (866) 774-2947, or send us an email,