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According to the latest report from Hitwise, MSN Real Estate and AOL Real Estate are shaking things up a bit for the top ten real estate websites. Because of their jumps up the list, most of the rest of the top ten took a hit in total visits and visit shares., who had been at the number five spot of all real estate websites for three months straight, slipped to number seven despite having the same exact percentage of visits (2.72%) as in October. MSN Real Estate moved up to 5 with just over 3% visits and AOL Real Estate sits at number six with the exact number of visits as (2.72%). Yahoo! Real Estate remains at number one even though their web visits went down almost a full percentage point. and Zillow switched places again, putting in second place with 6.78% of visits and Zillow at number three with 6.75%. Trulia is still at number four with almost 5.7%.

Numbers eight through ten remained the same in November as October –, ZipRealty, and MyNewPlace respectively – and each of their website visits all went up a few percentage fractions as well.

Here’s the list in order:

  1. Yahoo! Real Estate
  3. Zillow
  4. Trulia
  5. MSN Real Estate
  6. AOL Real Estate
  9. ZipRealty
  10. MyNewPlace

The spikes that MSN and AOL Real Estate saw threw a kink in the rankings for sure this month, but contrary to the top and number four contenders (Yahoo! and Trulia) isn’t losing visit shares at all. It will be interesting to see how bounces back in December, most likely to reclaim a spot in the top five.