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Everyone has a home story.  Just like real estate professionals, strives to help people find a place comfortable enough for them to call home. Unfortunately, many American families across the country do not have a home to call their own. We partnered with sister site, to launch “Crafting for Charity”; a program that aids organizations that provide transitional housing to families in need. 

Many of us are fortunate enough to have friends or family that can lend a helping hand, but who helps the families that don’t have a loving support system?  For many families in the city of Atlanta, Georgia this support comes from the Nicholas House. For over 30, years the Nicholas House has made a name for itself throughout the Atlanta community by selflessly assisting homeless families that need shelter. Next week, and employees along with design expert Beth Hunter will bring the famed “Idea Gallery” to life with do-it-yourself renovation projects for the Nicholas House. The team will renovate the dining area through several do-it-yourself craft ideas, painting, new furniture, window treatments and more. The two-day effort will wrap up with an exclusive reveal party for residents and staff on Saturday, June 29.

Real estate professionals have seen their fair share of outdated homes, so you know better than anyone what a difference a little hard work and elbow grease can make in changing a home’s living conditions. Needless to say, that after continually providing over 50 residents with food, water and shelter, the Nicholas House was in need of some long overdue and well deserved renovations.

“Everyone gathers during meal time-it’s a time to share stories and create memories. Even though these families aren’t in a traditional home, we want them to feel comfortable and safe,” said Dennis Bowman, Nicholas House executive director.  Currently outdated and furnished with only plastic folding tables, the dining area of the Nicholas House will be rejuvenated with updated furniture, centerpieces, and an interactive wall art project featuring some of the current residents. Bowman goes on to say “I’m extremely grateful to the and team for giving this dining room a much needed update, providing a wonderful new space for our residents to spend quality time together.” and knows the value of having a place to call home, which is why we are taking the “Crafting for Charity” initiative to cities across the country. Our next stop will be Dallas, TX later this year. To find out how the project went and to find ways to craft for your favorite local charity, visit