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It’s a great time to be a real estate agent in a partnership with In the first quarter of the year alone saw a whopping 69 million home searches, and each day we see more and more unique visitors. Your listings are definitely getting viewed by millions of people!

A detailed report based on first quarter home searches has been released. Not only does it prove that the housing market is definitely on an upswing, providing you with more opportunities to sell more houses, it also details the top ten cities for the housing market. According to this report, if you’re a real estate agent in one of these ten places, you’ve got your work cut out for you!

Here’s how the top ten cities stack up, along with the corresponding number of unique searches:

  1. Orlando – 258,975
  2. Las Vegas – 245,728
  3. Houston – 202,279
  4. Atlanta – 165,089
  5. Tampa – 146,375
  6. San Antonio – 137,117
  7. Charlotte – 135,414
  8. Miami – 133,870
  9. Norfolk – 120,949
  10. Jacksonville – 117,909

The world-renowned tourist sites, as well as the gated communities and golf courses, are what landed Orlando, a prime spot for families and adventurers alike, in the top spot. Las Vegas’ booming nightlife and novelty brought it in just behind.

Based on the climate and the incredible tourism industry, it’s no surprise that the Sunshine State cleans up in this competition, with four cities landing in the top ten. As a matter of fact, with Houston, Atlanta, and Charlotte snagging spots in the running as well, it seems as though real estate agents in the south might see a huge burst in home sales in the coming year.

However, each of these cities definitely has a huge amount of home searches to brag about, which means that real estate agents in these areas have a lot to be proud of! But, even still, these are just the top ten cities. After adding up all these home searches, there are still roughly 67 million that took place on in the first quarter. No matter which city you operate out of, is a great place to house your listings for maximum exposure!