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The January report of real estate websites from Hitwise has just been released and the numbers don’t lie. Yahoo! Real Estate remains in the number one spot even though they actually lost 1.44% of visits shared. That’s a loss of 3.5 million unique visits. FrontDoor Real Estate jumped all the way up to knock Zillow out of the number two slot with just under 6.5% of visits shared, and Zillow’s visits went down .35% to put them at number three. fell to number four, losing .25% in visits, and Trulia slumped to number five, losing .15% of visits. holds steady at number six, and actually gained visits, rising from 2.72% of visits shared to 2.82%. That’s a huge increase!

Here are the rest of the rankings for January:

  1. Yahoo! Real Estate
  2. FrontDoor Real Estate
  3. Zillow
  5. Trulia
  7. MSN Real Estate
  8. AOL Real Estate
  10. Apartment Guide

FrontDoor Real Estate sure came out of nowhere this month, but is steadily gaining viewers and making strides to rattle Yahoo!, Zillow, and and climb to the top of the list., FrontDoor Real Estate, and Apartment Guide are the only contenders in this month’s list who actually gained visits, so they’ll definitely be worth watching in February.