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When it’s time to purchase a home, most homebuyers turn to the internet before they contact a real estate professional. With’s Q&A Community, they can do both at the same time!

The Q&A Community exists so that interested homebuyers and sellers can get in contact with real, live real estate agents like you who are knowledgeable in their field. It also helps you make connections with prospects that might not otherwise come in contact with you. Get involved today — it’s FREE!

If you’re ready to get involved, here are three easy starting points:

1. Set up your FREE MyHomes profile. Completing your profile really is half the battle. By setting up your profile, you are introducing yourself to the world. Be sure to fill out all the proper fields, and don’t forget to upload a profile picture. You want these contacts to see a face with your name and expertise.

2. Have unlimited questions alerts. The more questions, the more opportunities you have to answer and connect with interested parties.

3. Respond quickly with useful information! You want to be the first agent to answer a homebuyer’s question. Once you’ve established your knowledge and credibility, you are more likely to gain a client. Don’t let another agent make your connection!

It’s really all that simple!

We’ve got some more resources for you to check out before you get started. click here to see five easy steps to maximize your experience in our Q&A Community.