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Pinterest: it’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s useful. Users from all walks of life are excited to collect pictures of things that inspire them to explore their creativity and pin them to their boards, and real estate professionals like you are really starting to benefit from it now. Not only can you use different boards on Pinterest to let your followers know more about you and the things you love, but now, thanks to a new feature from, you can also utilize Pinterest to increase your online visibility and traffic to your listings with the new “Pin It” Button feature on your listing photos!

This new feature from allows you to “pin” photos of your listings to any of your boards on Pinterest right from the listing page. When you do this, the picture of your pin will link back to your original listing on, which allows you to increase online visibility, promote your listings, and connect with prospects.

Promote your listings — As a busy real estate professional, you can never have enough places to promote your listings. Pinterest gives you one more place to do that with your listings. You can make a board called, “My Listings,” or maybe several boards and name them according to the different areas you cover, and “pin” all of your listing photos to them with detailed descriptions. That way, when users are searching for certain keywords in the Pinterest board database, your picture and link to your listing will come up! This will allow you to…

Connect with prospects — If a Pinterest user is looking for ideas for their next home and they find one of your listings within the pins, they have a direct connection to you on! Your pin will link them back to your original listing and they’ll be able to see more photos of that listing, the rest of your listings on, and information on how to contact you.

Increase your online visibility — All of this increases your online visibility which, as we’ve mentioned before, is crucial to your real estate business’ success. The more you engage with clients and prospects, the more likely it will be that they will think of you when it comes time for them to buy or sell a home. and Pinterest have made this extremely easy for you!

Do you use Pinterest and how has it helped your business? Will you start pinning your listings with the new “Pin It” Button? We want to know!