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The March report of real estate websites from Hitwise is out and there are lots of interesting developments! First of all, has jumped from the number six spot up to the number five spot! Reporting 3.30% visits shared, that’s up from 3.14% in February – a 5.1% increase!

Zillow knocked Yahoo! Real Estate out of the number one spot, reporting 7.79% visits shared in March – that’s only a little over two percent more than came in at number two with just over 6.8% of visits, while the once-number one contender Yahoo! Real Estate came in at number three with almost 6.5%. Trulia held on to number four with just over 6% of visits shared in March.

Here are the rest of the rankings for March:

  1. Zillow
  3. Yahoo! Real Estate
  4. Trulia
  6. AOL Real Estate
  7. MSN Real Estate
  9. Apartment Guide
  10. Zip Realty

Not only did we have a newcomer to the top ten, Zip Realty, but there has also been a lot of shifting around this past month. With steadily gaining more visits shared throughout the month and, consequently, climbing up the ranks, we expect big things for April!