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According to Hitwise, the month of April was all about flip-flopping real estate websites with little to moderate gain. and Yahoo! Real Estate swapped places from March with Yahoo gaining a little over .6% of visits shared, as well as MSN Real Estate and AOL Real Estate with MSN gaining just under .2%. While remained in the number 5 spot, it increased visit shares from 3.3% in March to 3.44% April! fell .1%, and Apartment Guide and Zip Realty had meager gains of .02% and .04% respectively.

Here are the rest of the rankings for April:


  1. Zillow
  2. Yahoo! Real Estate
  4. Trulia
  6. MSN Real Estate
  7. AOL Real Estate
  9. Apartment Guide
  10. Zip Realty

As you can see with, staying in one place does not mean there is no growth. Despite remaining at number 5, is still steadily gaining website visitors. With the busy real estate season heating up, allowing more and more people to begin looking for their next home, the numbers are sure to grow in May.