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The top five real estate websites have remained pretty consistent over the past couple months, with only some minor shifting around. The June Hitwise report shows that remains valiant at number five, boasting 3.41 % of all visits! Yahoo! Real Estate, sitting at the number four spot just above, plummeted from its seat at number two in May. This was due to a substantial loss of visits last month – nearly 8%! Apart from that, the rest of the top five remains unchanged.

Here’s how the top ten real estate websites stacked up in June: 

  1. Zillow
  2. Trulia (May: Yahoo! Real Estate)
  4. Yahoo! Real Estate (May: Trulia)
  6. MSN Real Estate
  7. Apartment Guide
  8. AOL Real Estate (May:
  9. (May: MyNewPlace)
  10. MyNewPlace (May: AOL Real Estate)

The rest of the top ten did a bit of a square dance as well; the bottom three shifted around their places from May, but managed to remain in the list without faltering to lower spots. is looking ahead, though, with the Daddy & Me contest as well as the Red, White & BBQ Instagram contest. With two contests going on, could see a jump for July’s numbers. Stay tuned!