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The latest report from Hitwise shows that is sitting pretty at the number five spot of all real estate websites. But just because we’ve stayed put in the top five doesn’t mean we aren’t progressing. In October, owned 2.72% of  real estate website visitors, which was a 0.74% increase from September. Yahoo! Real Estate is still number one with just about 8%. and Zillow switched places since September, putting Zillow in second place with 6.6% of real estate website visits and at number three with 6.5%. Trulia remains at number four with almost 5.7%.

The rest of the top ten has mainly stayed the same as September with a couple minor changes – numbers six through eight remain unchanged, but nine and ten are different. AOL Real Estate sits at number six, MSN Real Estate is at number seven, and remains in the eighth spot. FrontDoor Real Estate slipped from number nine to number 12, making room for ZipRealty, and ApartmentGuide fell to number eleven to allow MyNewPlace to round out the top ten.

Here’s the list in order:

  1. Yahoo! Real Estate
  2. Zillow
  4. Trulia
  6. AOL Real Estate
  7. MSN Real Estate
  9. ZipRealty
  10. MyNewPlace

In September, was the only site in the top five to not see an increase of visits share. Everyone seems to be gaining ground. Will the sites in the top five continue to trade places? And will some newcomers grace the top ten? We’ll find out next month – stay tuned.