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As spring knocks on our door, the busy real estate season is following closely behind. With the holidays and (most of) winter behind us and thoughts of newness ahead, the industry is about to pick back up. As more people come to you about wanting to buy a new home, it’s important to look at the personalities behind the purchases.

Fox Business recently compiled a list of likely buyers. Have you ever interacted with any of these?

The Move-In Ready — This buyer is ready to hit the ground running. They’re ready to sign the papers already so they can get to decorating. They’ll search through countless properties until they find the one that needs the least amount of work.

The Minimalist — While this buyer isn’t afraid to roll their sleeves up and do some work around their new home, they’d like it to be a coat of paint or a few new locks instead of, say, remodeling the bathroom. The less labor intensive, the better.

The Fixer-Upper — This buyer comes with a little extra elbow grease. People with this buying personality can see the “good” in most properties and aren’t afraid to purchase a home that needs a little TLC.

The Lifer — This buyer has the future on the brain. Whether the parents of a small child or perhaps just someone who only wants to invest like this once during their lifetime, Lifers are looking for a home in which they’ll live a long time.

The Eco-Warrior — Bring on the green houses! Eco-warriors have the environment’s best interest at heart and want a home that both reflects and also encourages that lifestyle. This buyer wants a home with energy efficient capabilities that might also be close enough to their workplace to cut down on gas consumption.

Check out Fox’s article for more info on these buying personalities. What other homebuyer personalities have you worked with?