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Homes.comThe Home Values channel on is a great resource for consumers and Real Estate professionals alike!

We all know in this day and age, 9 in 10 home buyers begin their home search on the internet, but consumers are doing much more then browsing for their next home. They are searching for any information on the real estate process they can find, including local market statistics. Real estate professionals are no longer the keepers of real estate information, however real estate professionals are just that – the professionals. You have the opportunity to position yourself as a consultant and show off just how much expertise you have!

Watch the video to see Home Values in action!

The Home Values channel provides consumers with a starting point in their search to find the value of a home they are hoping to buy or sell. We do realize some home estimate tools can cause confusion for consumers and that is why the Home Values channel reinforces the need for consumers to consult real estate professionals to learn about property values! The Home Values channel is just another great way is connecting you with warm leads and offering the opportunity to position yourself as the local expert!

There are lots of ways to use Home Valuations to generate leads and connect with consumers:

  • The Homes Values information is framed with a form that directly connects to Questions & Answers in your FREE MyHomes account!
  • prompts consumers in highly-visible disclaimers to contact a real estate professional for information about property values.
  • In the property detail view, your local listings appear as nearby homes, PLUS there are lead forms within the Home Values area to channel prospects to local agents!

Take advantage of consumers’ interest in home values by positioning yourself as an expert! Automated Value Models (AVMs) leave consumers wanting to know more—so make sure you can give them what they want. The Home Values tool will bring the consumers to you. Just make sure you hold their attention by giving them useful information about their property, the market and real estate.

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