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MENUMENU holiday tipsThe Holiday Season is a time of giving whether it’s for family, business partner, or client. It’s our time to show our clients that we appreciate their business and are thinking of them during this special time of year.  With it being so close to the holidays wrapping up (pun – intended!) we are realizing that we may have waited until that last minute, again! Whether it’s trying to schedule appointments, showings, perhaps even checking your email is a struggle during this busy time, maybe these tips can help.

Be mindful of their traditions. It’s amazing how many families that celebrate Hanukkah receive Christmas cards along with a variety of other specific holiday tokens to individuals that do not participate in celebrating. It can sometimes be seen as disrespectful and careless, so if you aren’t certain stay conservative with a general holiday gift or Happy Holiday greeting card.

Handwritten notes are a sweet and a missed gesture these days.  Take it above and beyond and make your own greeting card!   This is  thoughtful way of reminding the person how gracious you are for their business and standing out from the boring cards that sometimes don’t even get signed from businesses.   Emails and bulk  post mail deliveries sometimes are overlooked and the gesture could be ignored if you fall into that habit too.

Take into consideration their lifestyle. Wine isn’t the best fit for a someone that doesn’t drink and the same goes with eating habits, families with children, where they live, etc.  Whether its sending a wine basket to the 20 year old Marine that just closed on his new home or the Omaha Steaks you sent to the vegan family, it can sometimes be inappropriate or just insulting.  It’s the thought that counts right?  Well, think of them.

Think outside of the gift basket. Here are some unique ways to give this holiday season:

  • Charity donation in their name – Donate to a cause they are passionate about if you aren’t certain of a name.
  • Reusable shopping bags – Stay green in 2012 !
  • Design Magnets – Perfect gift for someone moving into a new place that needs a way to visualize where to put everything! Really cool idea for always changing minds and people that don’t like lifting often to visualize. Find some here.
  • Doody Removal – Arrange for your local doody removal to visit your client’s home and take care of business, or the pet’s business rather.

Good Luck wrapping up your appointments and your wrapping your gifts. Hope you’ve checked your email and checked your shopping list twice because its getting close to coming to a close. Keep us updated on any additional unique client gifts you have encountered – we always enjoy being updated by our readers.  Happy Holidays!

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