The holidays are a great time for sharing gifts with family and friends. But of course it is a great time to get the gifts you want too! So what should you get for your favorite real estate agent in your life, even if that real estate agent is you? We have some ideas that are perfect that you buy yourself or your closest colleague.

Stationery and Writing Tools

Something new for your workspace is always appreciated. Gift yourself or your real estate buddy something that is useful!

You are in a people business so you need to send out letters to clients. A custom, self-inking stamp is a great gift that will help save some time with sending out those letters. Additionally, a set of custom stationery is a great gift that will help you stand out when sending out thank you card or personal memos.

It has also been said that real estate agents like to have the nicest pen at the table when signing documents. Pens that are more luxurious and stand out are a great gift idea for you or your real estate buddy to give them that extra boost of confidence when it comes to closing deals.

Tech Accessories

Pieces of technology are always among the most coveted items each holiday season. However, we are not suggesting gifting the most expensive technology that you can find. Real estate agents spend their lives on the road and traveling a lot. So gifts that are practical are great.

Those who spend their time constantly running around could probably use something that will keep their devices charged and ready to go. A mobile power bank is a sure way to keep multiple devices charged and ready for use. These can be inexpensive and practical as well. Additionally, we would encourage you to stay safe and use your phone hands-free while on the road. A bluetooth earpiece is a sure way to keep both you and your colleague safe while traveling on the road for business.

Many agents who travel for work tend to spend their time on their iPads and mobile devices. You can purchase a case that will protect these devices from drops and falls. A case for these devices is sure to be appreciated – especially if it can save someone from having to purchase a new device.

Food and Sweets

During the holidays, there are plenty of people who look forward to gift of sweets or food. There are plenty of ideas that are sure to be a hit for the holidays. For sweets, you can gift a nice box of chocolate, edible arrangement, or box of cookies.

Sweets are always loved during the holidays, but what about food that can be cooked and served during the holidays? You can give a gift card to a local supermarket or even order fresh foods that can be delivered before the holidays. These are great ways to give gifts to yourself or your coworkers.

The gifts mentioned in this blog are great, but what about the gift of more business next year? has the perfect plan for you to give out for the holidays. Check out our Holiday Guide to Marketing for real estate here.