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Real estate is changing. These days you don’t have to meet your clients face to face every time you need something from them. The internet and the tools that come with it make it possible to conduct much of your business online, even from your phone. Read on for information about helpful tools you can use to streamline your real estate business on the go.
Online Faxing
Need to fax something to your client’s mortgage lender but can’t get to the office right now? You can now send faxes digitally through programs like HelloFax. Programs like this allow you to either transfer your current fax number or get a new fax number to send and receive faxes from. When you receive a new fax, it goes to your email as a PDF so you can easily access it.
Online Signing
Everyone knows about online signing programs like DocuSign, but are you really taking full advantage of these programs? Online signing programs are efficient, secure, and make it easy to share documents with everyone involved in your transaction. You save time with eSigning because you, your clients, and other parties don’t have to be sitting in front of a computer, printer, and scanner to send a signature. All you need is a smartphone and your finger.
Phone Scanning
You’re already hauling a camera around in your phone. Why not use it? Apps like Dropbox Business allow you to turn your smartphone’s camera into a document scanner that saves files as PDFs. Some programs even analyze the document’s characters so you can search for individual words or phrases.
Automated Marketing
Who has time to make a flyer, postcard, single property website, Facebook post, and ePostcard for every listing? Subscribing to’s automated marketing program ensures you have these materials for each new listing you send to We’ll create the materials and send the editable files to your email within 24 hours of your listing going live.
File Storage
In my opinion, Google Drive is the king of file storage, but each digital storage database has its perks. Make sure whichever program you choose can host a wide variety of file types, allows you to access your documents from the cloud, and makes it easy to sort and find your files on the go.
Digital Meetings
Why drive all the way across town when you need to show someone something or discuss a contract change? Video calls and screen-share technology like those available through Google Hangouts make it easy to meet face-to-face with people who are across town or even the country.
Video Production and Editing
Not everyone is doing videos. That makes it that much more productive for those who are. These days you don’t need to invest a fortune or hours of time to create a quality video. Apps like iMovie make it easy to shoot, edit, view, and share new videos.
Would any of these digital solutions ease your workload? Do some research to find a program or app that fits your needs. For other solutions for your real estate business, check out Our products and services are designed to save time and attract leads!