Looking for some cheap and easy ways to get your clients and prospects ready for Thanksgiving? As the fall season swings into full effect, homeowners will be spending more time in their homes preparing for the holidays. Whether it’s hosting get-togethers for family and friends or even just sitting by a fire watching their favorite classic holiday movie, everyone could use a little inspiration to get ready for the season of giving and Homes.com wants to provide you with ways to help them do it!

The holidays can be a busy and hectic time of the year for homeowners and decorating will probably be the last thing on their mind. Homes.com wants to give real estate professionals every opportunity to help make it easier. Give your clients and prospects a little piece of mind this holiday season by sharing with them the Homes.com editable Holiday Entertaining Guide! Here they will find tons of tips for holiday parties, unique recipes and family-friendly activities that will make this year’s festivities even more memorable. Aside from giving them a valuable resource for a little holiday fun, include your own branding information to stay top of mind through the busy holiday season.

What better way to get someone in the spirit of Thanksgiving than with a home full of fall décor?

As the holidays get closer, the party’s get bigger and everyone knows that nothing can make or break a good party like the decorations. Don’t let them use the same boring Thanksgiving decorations they use every year, help them make this year special with new and creative ideas. Banners, place-mats and custom cards can all help bring a fall festivity together. Homes.com offers some inspirational ideas for those clients that like to add their own creative touch to their fall décor.

With all the presents and traveling during the holidays, homeowners will start to see the expenses piling up. Everyone wants to save money during the holidays, so spending money on decorations can turn into a last priority. Help them keep a few extra bucks in their pocket and share with them budget tips from Homes.com. Here they will find a full list of cost effective ways to give any home that Thanksgiving feel for pennies on the dollar.

You’ve already helped your clients get in their home, now you can help get them get in the spirit for this holiday season with a little help from Homes.com. Share all of our holiday consumer resources to provide more tips for the changing seasons. Let us know on Facebook which of these resources were most popular among your clients or share with us any tips and tricks of your own that you’ve found to help bring in the holiday season!