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The Halloween season is upon us! Whether you like fun festivals or full-on-fright, there’s something for everyone during this time of year. What you don’t want haunting you in October are social media nightmares. That’s right ghouls and gals. You’ve seen it, and you may be guilty of a few too. I’m talking about continuous posting of listings, fostering a bad reputation, and more! We’ve spent a lot of time helping you reinvent your social strategy and get more exposure these past few months, but now we need to dial it in with proven strategies. Let’s start with a few social media nightmares and how to avoid them (because I’m not going to leave you hanging like that). Enter if you dare…

1. Nightmare: Listings

Yes, listings can be a two-sided nightmare! On one part of the spectrum you can post too many listings (yes it’s possible), and on the other you can post too few. It’s all about balance.  


Daydream Fix: Content Schedule

Make a schedule for your listings and your content! To the guilty parties that schedule too many listings, (I’m talking about 5 a day) listen up! First off, that’s too much content. Think less is more here. My ideal number is about 2-3 different listings posted to your social accounts a week.  If it’s the same listing, posting it no more than twice in the same week. If you do post the same listing in a week, make sure to use different photos to show off different aspects of the property that may appeal to different buyers. This also allows for some much needed breathing room that will allow your other content to shine. I also recommend creating a content posting calendar–this is great for folks that’s don’t post enough! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just something you can follow, like on Mondays you can post business successes, on Wednesdays can post listings, and on Fridays, maybe talk about the local market. Check out this example below to help get you out of that nightmare, Freddy Kreuger, and into a more pleasant daydream.


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2. Nightmare: Non-Optimal Posting Time

I get it, you’re a busy agent. The only time you have to dedicate to growing your business and filling your pipeline on social media is when everyone else is asleep. When you post your listings or your awesome content after 11pm, you’re just about guaranteeing that no one is going to see your updates. HDC-Social-Fuel-Newsletter-Stock-Photo-Downloads_Image2_3516

Daydream Fix: Scheduling Content

Try scheduling your content! The optimal time to post is when the majority of your audience is online, thus increasing your chances of them seeing and interacting with your content! To find your time, go to your Facebook business page and select the insights tab.

From there, select the option on the right menu that says “Posts.” This will show you a graph of each day of the week, and fluctuate according to when your audience is online! If your audience is online at times that aren’t convenient for you, schedule your posts to go out automatically at your chosen times! Check out my article all about posting times, and how impactful they can be for you and your business.

3. Nightmare: No Contact Info on Your Social Profiles!

HDC-Social-Fuel-Newsletter-Stock-Photo-Downloads_Image3_3516Whoa, whoa, so you’re saying you’re just rolling around with an empty shell of a profile? The phone number is incorrect, or is just a ghost? Or you can’t figure out how to add a profile picture or flashy cover photo? No, no. Not acceptable.

Daydream Fix: Get Help

My biggest piece of advice is to carve out time and take a look at each of your social sites, figure out what you want them to say about you! Or, give your friendly Social Media Account Manager a call and we can quickly fix all your woes!

Another option is a fully opimized SUITE of social profiles with none other than Social Fuel if you don’t already have it! We meticulously comb your social sites to ensure only accurate information is available. No missed calls or emails due to bad or missing info, so you can get back to your normally scheduled happy haunting!

4. Nightmare: Bad ReviewsHDC-Social-Fuel-Newsletter-Stock-Photo-Downloads_Image4_3516

We’ve all been there. Someone left a bad review somewhere on the internet and you didn’t do anything about it, or maybe you don’t even know it was there, floating around like a spirit waiting to cross over.

Daydream Fix:

Well, you have a few options here, you could start actively scouring the internet, searching yourself in every which way possible and start responding to these bad reviews. The most important step is responding to them, no matter how old (or bad) the review is. Empathize with the reviewer, especially if this was a past client, and find a way to address the situation and make it right. You can always log into your dashboard to access your Reputation Manager and all all of these in one, easy to access place!  If you don’t currently use a Reputation Management program, our Social Fuel program offers these services!

So there you have it little monsters, some pretty terrible social media nightmares that can cause more havoc than a wet gremlin! Rest in peace, knowing that there’s always an easy fix lurking around the corner! As always, don’t hesitate to give us a howl for any additional questions or concerns; we’re all ears! 866-236-0313 is the hotline scream. Until next month, have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Disclaimer: loves to have fun with our content and the examples used are random and are intended for entertainment purposes only.