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When I worked at a local real estate firm one of the main things all “seasoned” agents recommended was to have a 12 month marketing plan implemented. One of the biggest obstacles real estate professionals have is to differentiate themselves from the competition; having a strong marketing strategy helps. Have you thought about how you are marketing yourself during the holiday season? Most agents hit the Christmas season hard with mailers, informational brochures, gifts, etc. but what about Halloween? This is a perfect time to separate yourself from other real estate professionals by marketing to them early!

Here are a few Halloween marketing ideas for agents:

  • Mailers: Many agents send out mailers as part of their 12 month marketing plan. Typical mailers include the holiday season (Christmas), hurricane season (August) and spring (April/May).  In addition to the physical mailers you send out, why not include a virtual greeting into the mix? You can send a virtual Halloween card to all of your contacts. Switching up the advertising medium a bit but still promoting your services will garner more attention (plus it saves on printing and mailing costs)!
  • Halloween Open House: Hosting an open house around a holiday allows ideas to start flowing on themes; Halloween should be no exception! You don’t necessarily need to take the frightening route to market the property, rather embrace the positive traditions of the holiday. For example, delicious candy in each room or have pumpkin shaped cookies. You can also include a variety of pumpkin or caramel apple candles to fill the space with delightful smells. And of course, stage the home with a lovely assortment of tiny gourds and mini pumpkins.
  • Informational guides or seminars: send out a Halloween themed flyer about the “scary” home buying process or offer a first time homebuyers seminar with a Halloween theme. Include promotional items with your contact information as well as fun Halloween objects to deliver the holiday spirit (candy, tiny pumpkins, etc).
  • Gifts for past and current clients: Hand-deliver pumpkins, Halloween or fall themed gift basket, flowers or plants that are seasonal during the month of October, etc. Bring in the holiday cheer with cute little gift items to keep you in the minds of your past and current clients.

The holiday season is a great time to do fun marketing to increase your business or give thanks to the contacts you’ve worked with throughout the year. Take advantage of each holiday, including Halloween, by overloading on what retailers have available and do some marketing this Halloween!

Source: Halloween Real Estate
Photo: Haunted House, Trostle