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Homes.comBy now you’ve probably already heard about Google Plus, Google’s answer to the social media craze. From circles to hangouts, Google Plus is taking social media to a new level.

If you’re familiar with Facebook and Twitter, getting acquainted with Google Plus shouldn’t take too much time. A lot of Google Plus’ features are very similar to those of the social media giants. Circles, for instance, are Google+’s equivalent to Facebook’s lists. You can put your contacts into circles in an effort to only share information to friends in specific circles. Having a “Work” circle, for example, would be helpful when sharing company news and the like, while having a “Family” circle makes it easy to share photos of your kids with ease.

Another way that G+ is like Facebook is the +1 feature. When you click “+1” button on something, it’s like giving your stamp of approval, much like Facebook’s “Like” button. When you +1 a site or a link, it shows all the friends in your circle what you like. The +1 feature benefits you as an agent especially, because anyone can +1 your profile directly from the Agent Directory.

Getting Started

If you haven’t gotten on Google Plus yet, ask around for an invite. Most users have plenty, and there’s a pretty good chance that at least one of your friends can hook you up. Once you receive your invitation just sign up and login to complete your profile, starting with a profile picture. At the top right corner of the profile there is an edit profile button, click here and you can customize everything from a full bio to privacy settings! All you do is click on each section and edit as you please. As you work on each section you can control the privacy for that particular section. You can choose to make it available to anyone on the web or narrow it down to a specific circle or friend. The choice for each section of your profile is totally up to you to customize!


Once you have your profile setup, you can now begin building your circles! Google makes it easy to search for friends individually or import email lists and choose friends. At the top of your profile to the left of “find people” there is a small button that will take you to your circles page. You can re-name you circles or add new ones. When adding a friend to a circle all you do is click on their name and drag it to the appropriate circle. You don’t have to worry about privacy here either, your friends can not see which circle you have placed them in, that is for your eyes only!

Your Stream

The home page of your Google Plus profile is your stream. This is similar to your News Feed on Facebook and your timeline on Twitter. You can post status updates or share photos, links and videos. You can choose which circles see your stream before you click share!

The best way is to get started and just explore! Google Plus is just beginning and there could be many opportunities for the real estate world to stay connected. Encourage your friends on Google Plus to +1 your profile on’s Agent Directory. Each +1 you get shows whoever views your profile just how good you are. The more +1s you get, the more liked you are! It’s that simple!

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