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Have you noticed that Facebook is right on (or close to) the mark when it comes to products and services that appeal to your tastes? You begin to see ads based off of recent online searches and brand page suggestions that are similar to other brands you ‘Like’ and follow. You follow a person or brand on Twitter and receive a prompt to follow similar Twitter handles shortly thereafter. You’re leisurely perusing Pinterest and stumble upon a ‘Related Pin’ amongst the content pinned by people and brands you’re following. This is Predictive Targeting at work! These prompts and suggestions aren’t based on a simple hunch.

Predictive Targeting (otherwise known as Behavioral Targeting or Behavioral Analytics) takes a person’s volunteered information such as online conversations, content likes, dislikes, opinions and shopping patterns into account to create a more customized experience online. Instead of serving up content loosely based off of what is assumed to be user interests, search engines and social sites are serving content based on real-time engagement from users, which offers more accuracy and immediacy. In fact, the trend is helping many businesses like run more efficiently. By studying past purchase decisions and analyzing sentiment based on ratings and reviews, the online retailer can better predict other products customers may want to purchase.

When it comes to implementing this trend in the real estate space, think about ways you can provide a more customized experience for your prospects and clients. Going mobile is one of the many ways you can serve up custom, real-time information to your clients based off of their preferences.

Use new features like Guided Search to help steer you in the right direction when you’re using Pinterest. Use this feature when conjuring ideas for next year’s 4th of July event!

Take a look at your Reviews tab in your Reputation Manager dashboard to gauge the overall sentiment your past and present clients have toward you. Use that information to create a customer service experience that keeps positive reviews coming in.