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Is it time to extend your office’s advertising reach? Are you looking for a better way to market your company’s listings? Do you want to be on the top of search results for your area whenever a buyer is searching With Enhanced Listings, you will be able to reach significantly more potential buyers than other real estate professionals in your region.

Every time a search is done within your local area, your listing and branding will be a part of the top results. The first page or so of listings in an area are some of the most viewed; give your clients and your business the advantage with Enhanced Listings from!

Here are a number of unique features that will help expose your business when you begin using Enhanced Listings for your properties:

Top of Search Results in Your Area on
Be the first to reach clients by being the first on screen! Your Enhanced Listings will be funneled to the top of properties searched in your local area, showing above all listings in the search results. The first page of listings in any search area on will be populated with Enhanced Listings members; you do not want to be left behind while others in your area take full advantage of this amazing benefit.

Prominent Contact Branding
Your telephone number, still a popular way clients contact real estate professionals, with be displayed prominently on the details page, right above the photo of the listing. Links to your company’s website will also display on the details page. This ensures clients will be able to contact you any way possible.

More Pictures of Your Properties
Enhanced Listings will also allow you to add up to 100 pictures for each listing you have. The more pictures that appear for a listing, the higher it will be ranked within the search results. This feature also gives your potential buyers a more accurate representation of your property, helping build valuable trust between you and your client which in turn can help speed up reviewing a property as well as the closing process.

Full Dashboard with Integrated Lead, Contact and Task Manager
Sign in to your Homes Connect Dashboard once and you will be able to regulate and manage your Enhanced Listings as well as manage a number of other features available to Homes Connect clients. The Dashboard comes with a number of powerful tools such as the integrated lead, contact and task managers. These features will help you best keep track of all of your leads and contact information that you receive from and keep yourself and your team on task.

Social Networking Tools and E-Mail Campaign Manager
Also built into your new dashboard are social networking prospecting tools and an e-mail campaign manager. Spread your message, influence, and connect to a new audience with powerful social networking resources available through the Homes Connect Dashboard.

8 Times the Exposure Than Non-Enhanced Listings Agents
Real estate professionals on that take part in the Enhanced Listings program receive 8 times the exposure as compared to agents that do not have Enhanced Listings. With all the features and tools Enhanced Listings members have at their disposal, it’s not surprising that these real estate professionals receive such a large amount of notice from prospective clients. Social networking capabilities, high ranking in property results on, robust e-mail drip campaigns all work in conjunction to enhance, not only an agent’s listings, but the ranking and worth of their branding as well.

To learn more about how Enhanced Listings can bring your business’ exposure to the next level, call  866-697-3308 or send us an e-mail to

Contact us today and get in front of the competition with Enhanced Listings!