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Website security is no joke. That’s why all Fusion websites have received a free upgrade to secure https protocols. In addition to protecting your website’s data, this change may have a positive effect on your SEO. Find out more about https protocols below!

What Is It?
At the beginning of most URLs there’s either an “http” (which stands for “HyperText Transfer Protocol”) or an “https” in which the extra “s” stands for “secure.” Websites with that “s” at the end automatically encrypt data sent to and from the secured website, protecting it. In most browsers, https sites also display a lock icon near the URL to show site visitors they can trust the information.

What Does It Do?
Https protocols encrypt any data exchanged between your website and the site’s visitors to help keep hackers and eavesdroppers from tracking your visitors across multiple pages and from stealing their information. If someone does try to change or corrupt the information being shared, sites with https protocols will detect it.

SEO Benefits
A few years ago, Google started giving websites with https protocols a ranking boost in search results. In coming months, sites that don’t have the “s” will also have a warning next to their URL in Chrome if there are any payment or password forms on the page.

How This Change Will Affect Your Website
We handled the adjustments to switch your website over to https. However, unsecured elements on your website may stop working – unsecure elements may include things like images or JavaScript code that you added to your site from other, unsecured websites. Images that you uploaded directly to your website will continue working.

This upgrade to https protocols is just the most recent free upgrade to our agent and office websites. We’re always looking for ways to improve your site at no extra charge to you. If you don’t have a Connect agent or office website yet, let us give you a tour of all the features. Just fill out the form here to learn more!