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Keeping in touch with your leads and clients is a crucial part of generating referral business, and a monthly newsletter is a great way to do that. is pleased to announce the arrival of the free agent newsletter. Check your email marketing center each month to review, edit, and send it. Don’t have time for all that? Just sit back and will automatically send the newsletter to your clients on your behalf each month.

What is it?

The monthly newsletter is sent from your email address to your contacts. We just write the content. Each month the newsletter will cover a variety of topics ranging from DIY projects, home maintenance tips and decorating ideas, to real estate advice.

Can I edit it?

You can! Once a newsletter is available, simply login to your account, navigate to your email marketing center, and select the “Monthly Newsletter” option to start editing.

When will this go out?

The newsletter will automatically go out on the last Thursday of each month.

Can I opt out of sending the newsletter?

Yes. Simply set the “Send Newsletter Automatically” option to “No.”

How do I select newsletter recipients?

At the bottom of your monthly newsletter screen, you’ll find the “Newsletter Recipients” section. You can select all contacts or search for individual contacts to add or remove them from the newsletter.

Can newsletter recipients unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Yes. Each newsletter will offer an unsubscribe option in the footer for any of your contacts who don’t wish to receive this type of content.

Keep an eye out for the first newsletter to appear in your dashboard, and for more exciting account updates, business tips, and industry updates, follow us socially! Links to our social channels are at the top of the page! For support info, visit or call us at 866-774-2947.