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Imagine if you could get face-time with your clients before even meeting them. You could answer their questions, show them a couple properties, and form a connection with them before shaking their hand. Video marketing helps to put you in front of potential clients and allows you to build a foundation of trust and familiarity, while creating an emotional connection.

There are many benefits that come with using video in your marketing efforts – social media sites push videos to the top of network feeds, live-video streaming is gaining popularity, and modern internet users are looking for more involved ways to connect online. According to a recent survey, 85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video as part of their marketing efforts. Here are four ways you can use video to connect with more consumers, generate more leads, and build your business.

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1. Show them why you’re the expert 
Sharing educational content is a great way to get your face in front of potential buyers. Since there are many different topics you can cover, the first thing you should do is consider your audience – who do you currently work with and who do you want to work with. This can affect your content and choice of video platform. If you want to target millennial buyers, think about hosting a Q&A about the buying process through Periscope. If you work with empty-nesters, it might be more beneficial to post a video on your Facebook page with tips for downsizing. At the end of either video, offer them a free downloadable eBook or checklist. Drive viewers back to your landing page and include lead forms, so you can capture their information and follow up with them.

While these are examples of evergreen content, you can also host video Q&As or film quick DIYs to post seasonally. Showing off your local beach or pool is great for the warm summer months, but might not be the best for winter. You can also create a video of your favorite Thanksgiving table decorations, sharing the name of local stores where you found them, or even your favorite spring salad recipe, showcasing the produce you found at your local farmer’s market. Try to balance the seasonal and evergreen content, so you’ll stay current while having material to engage with followers throughout the year.

2. Share teasers of new listings 
Video teasers that show off the features and amenities of a new listing are great to post on your blog, social, and listing pages. In fact, homes listed with videos receive 4x the inquiries than those listed without. Filming a walk-through of the property lets viewers see the flow of the home, rather than just disjointed pictures. While you have the option to give a grand tour through video and posting it on your pages, you could also just show off one or two of the best features ask interested parties to schedule a time with you to view the rest of the listing. Remember, the key is to generate new leads – you want to create ways for people to get in contact with you or give you their contact information.

3. Highlight your local area 
You’ve heard it before, but it’s a tried-and-true method – feature your local area. Doing so can be as easy as using your phone to grab a quick video of your favorite restaurant or park, or the best kids’ playground. You could also interview long-time residents or even clients just closed on their dream home, asking them why they chose this location. Upload the videos to YouTube and post links on your social pages and blog. You can also try live-video marketing, through social tools like Facebook Live or Periscope. Snapchat is also a fun way to connect and engage with younger buyers. To determine which would be better for your needs, follow the links to learn more.

4. Stream live videos to engage with online viewers 
While we’re talking about live-video streaming, use this tool to connect with viewers in that moment and create an online dialogue. Before your next open house, share a sneak-peek of your favorite room in the house or a view of the backyard. Be sure to talk about both the features and the benefits of each. For example, if you’re showing off the expansive backyard porch, remind viewers that they could have a huge Independence Day BBQ with their family and friends or host their children or grandchildren’s graduation party. You could also host a live Q&A (perfect for Periscope), allowing the seller or yourself to show off the great features of the house while giving your audience a chance to ask questions.

If you’re looking for more ways to get in front of home buyers and sellers who are ready to transact, Local Connect Ads instantly bring you property inquiries from active buyers and sellers when they are ready to engage with you. Local Connect positions you prominently in front of transaction-ready consumers in your target zip code, while showcasing your photo or logo, phone number and endorsements.

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