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Some great news on the housing front to report — September marked the fifth consecutive month showing a decrease in homes lost to foreclosure!

In a foreclosure report released this week by CoreLogic, about 57,000 homes fell into foreclosure in September. That’s 3.4% less than the previous month with 59,000 foreclosures, and a whopping 31.3% less than September of 2011! And, compared to September of 2010, foreclosures have gone down 50%. These numbers are definitely worth celebrating.

While this is definitely encouraging news, we’ve still got a ways to go, however. Years ago, before the housing bubble burst, monthly foreclosures sat at a comparatively measly 21,000.

According to CoreLogic, Florida leads the nation in percentage of homes undergoing the foreclosure process with 11.5%. New York and New Jersey are also in the top five; with Superstorm Sandy hitting these two states hard, that number may rise in the coming months.

To get a more in-depth view of the report from CoreLogic, check out this blog by our friends at Inman.

Have you seen a decrease in foreclosures where you live? Comment and let us know!