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Homes.comIf you want an easy way to get more traffic on your website, putting your listings on Craigslist can help!

In a recent study, a sample of real estate agents posted multiple listings on Craigslist over the period of a month. The study found that these agents gained an average of about 60 to 100 extra hits on their website per listing posted. That’s amazing! The study findings went on to show that the majority of the traffic came from the first three days the listing was live. And, even though traffic naturally tapered off a bit after that, the agents who re-posted their listings a few weeks later saw the same spike in traffic.

If you’re still wondering if you should switch to Homes Connect, here’s another reason why: the Homes Connect dashboard frames Craigslist, which means you can add listings to Craigslist directly from your Homes Connect Platform!

To add a listing to Craigslist, follow these easy steps through your Homes Connect dashboard:

  1. Log in to your dashboard.
  2. Click to view your listings.
  3. Click to edit whichever listing you’d like to post to Craigslist.
  4. On the right hand side, select “Post to Craigslist.”

And that’s it! With this awesome feature from Homes Connect, you can easily increase the number of people who view your listings but also the number of people who view your website! If you are interested in switching, call (888) 510-8795.