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You can access your Facebook , Google and LinkedIn accounts through Homes Connect and guess what, you only have to log in once!  Import contacts and expand your database in one place by connection these networks through the dashboard of Homes Connect. We can also check for new contacts when you log into and update you on who is using 

To get started click here, and from the Social Networking dashboard you can access your social networks without tediously logging into each account separately.  Let us make your work and lead capture faster and more productive, we know you are busy this time of year and this function can expand your database quicker than before!

With the Homes Connect dash, you will start with Facebook.  We will ask you to login to your account to allow full access. **Note: If you are using a public or shared computer, make sure the “Keep me logged in” box is not checked. If you do not sign out of your social networking accounts, others using the same computer will have access to your information. Once you have logged in you can import your prospects.

The process is the same for Google and LinkedIn. Once you have accessed all of your social networks, click “Prospects” from the Social Networking dashboard to view your imported prospects. From here you can add your prospects to your contact database or send a message directly from the chosen social media platform.

Your contacts will be updated with their picture and social networks you are linked to them through. Finally, add the social networking gadgets to your home page to view your news feed and updates. By adding the Twitter gadget you can also connect to your Twitter account and see updates from everyone you follow. Create your own status updates and tweets all from your HomesConnect Dashboard!


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