The nation’s housing market has been on a road to recovery since the Great Recession and housing bubble burst, but there are a few metro areas that are blazing a trail, leaving remnants of the recession blowing around like tumbleweed. It’s said that everything is bigger in Texas, and while this may not always hold true, the phrase couldn’t be more accurate with regards to real estate!

According to the most recent Local Market Index and Rebound reports from, cities throughout Texas are fully recovered and have actually seen recovery rates exceeding 200%! In fact, eight of the 15 fastest growing cities in the U.S. and six of the Top 10 recovering U.S markets are right out of the Lone Star State!

Here are just a few highlights from the reports emphasizing why you don’t mess with Texas!

  • Not only is it home to the San Antonio Spurs, the 2013 NBA finalists, they also have a whopping recovery rate (233.11%) which is the highest in the U.S by far
  • San Marcos, TX is the fastest growing metro area in the United States with a 4.91 percent increase from last month
  • Houston is currently the largest city in Texas and the second largest in the U.S with a population over 2.1 million falling short to only the Big Apple (New York, NY) with total population over 8.3 million
  • San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Dallas, TX are all among the top performing rebound markets in the U.S. and have recovery rates of more than 150%

Now that you know how well the market is doing, checkout the top homes for sale in these prospering Texas cities! Check out the full Local Market Index and Rebound reports from to obtain more information on how your market is recovering. If you are a real estate professional in the Lone Star State, let us know on Facebook how these favorable market conditions are working for you!