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In order to be successful, you need reliable sources of quality leads and a system for converting those leads into real business.  As Tom Ferry pointed out in his recent Secrets webinar, “the very best agents have 10+ sources of leads.” You need to be able to put as many hooks in the water as possible and the great thing about online lead generation is that it is always on and working for you. To help you maximize the potential of your opportunities to generate and convert  leads, we have two brand new monthly webinars.


Webinar #1
Strategies to Generate Quality Leads on

The good news is that vistor traffic to has never been better and that traffic is generating double digit year-over-year growth in leads. There are many tools and customization options that, if properly utilized, can help you get your share of local traffic on Many of these options are not only quick and easy to accomplish, but they are available to you at no additional cost.

This webinar will explore four main tools available from The most important tool is your MyHomes profile. Your profile is often the first and only impression you get to make on a potential client. We will also cover local advertising, listing enhancements and website customization. All of these tools have one thing in common, they give you the opportunity to tell consumers why they should be doing business with you. Check out the webinar schedule and make sure your message is being heard.

Webinar #2
Converting Your Online Leads Into Real Business

Getting leads is awesome, but if you don’t convert them into sales, then it does not really help. We are invested in your success, which is why we include our leads and contacts manager with every account (even free accounts). The leads and contacts manager is the central hub for your leads and includes lead aggregation from other sources.

In the most recent NAR Buyer and Seller Survey, buyers ranked “responsiveness” higher than “knowledge of real estate market.” When you get a lead from or any online source, it is vital that you have a system in place to contact that lead and secure them for future business. When it comes to converting online leads, speed to first contact is one of the most important factors.

This webinar will explore the functionality of the leads and contacts manager as well as the many available built in apps you can use right from your account. From emails to flyers and CMA reports, you can create and send all the personalized information your new leads need all from your online suite of tools.

Both of these webinars will be held on a monthly basis and are available to all customers for free. Check out the schedule for the next available date and time.