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Facebook Cover Photos

In recent months, Facebook has transformed from social media site to “online life scrapbook” with the implementation of the new Timeline format. For real estate agents who use Facebook as a means to market themselves (and if that’s not you, it should be) this means your brand is about to change. If you haven’t switched your Facebook profile over to the new layout, it’s only a matter of time before you do (or Facebook does it for you). One glaring difference from the old layout that will influence your branding is the new cover photo feature.

Homes.comYour cover photo acts as a complement to your profile picture. Similar to your business profile photo, it’s not private, so when people search for you they can see it. Due to the cover photo size and placement – right at the top of your profile page – cover photos are in a prime position for branding and advertising. It’s safe to say that the first thing you can’t help but look at when you open someone’s Timeline is their cover photo.
Even more than that, it seems as though people are lingering on cover photos as well.  A webcam eye-tracking study by EyeTrackShop showed that, when browsing Facebook profiles with the new Timeline format, participants spent the most time looking at cover photos. Yes, even more time than wall posts and ads! This means that cover photos can be used to your advantage.
How can you capitalize on your cover photos?

  • Show off your company logo. Since your face will already be on your profile picture, you can use your cover photo to show off your logo. That way, when people search for you, they see your face and your brand instantaneously.
  • Display your contact information. Having your contact info more visible can attract interested prospects and they could have a better chance of connecting with you!
  • Show off your family. If you’d like to play the personal angle, you could throw a picture of your spouse, kids, pets, etc. on your cover photo. Remember, these photos can never be private, so if your family isn’t comfortable being searched for, you might reconsider.

Ultimately, your cover photo is up to you! Whatever picture would best benefit your business and your marketing style, just run with it.

How do you plan to use your cover photo to your advantage for branding?