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Homes.comeNeighborhoods Andy Woolley to Speak at RE/MAX® Convention

eNeighhborhoods, sister company to, will have one of their own, Andy Woolley, Vice President/General Manager of eNeighborhoods, speaking today at 10:30 AM PST in Las Vegas, NV at the annual RE/MAX Real Estate Convention.

The panel topic that Mr. Woolley will be discussing is “Expose Your Listings Online”. Some of the key issues that he plans to bring up are advertising to the right audience and the importance of developing a strategy which includes the fundamentals of knowing the right sites to have your business associated.

It is crucial that real estate agents know how to advertise to the right audience for their business. Don’t rely blindly on what everyone around you is doing. Large traffic counts don’t always translate to quality visitors and you want to be on sites where consumers have a serious intent to contact you. Do your research and find out what sites your audience is located. If possible, engage and connect with consumers on the site. Earn their trust to build your credibility.

In today’s market more than even, a plan needs to be formed to market your services as well as your properties. “Hope is not a strategy” said Mr. Woolley, “don’t rely on a “spray and pray” syndication approach.” Develop direct relationships with the sites where you advertise and include the fundamentals of what you learned. Test different sites and measure the results, just like you’ve always done with traditional advertising. If you’re getting good results for free, it’s likely you’ll get great results through premium advertising programs. And most importantly, keep updating your strategy. As more ways develop to market to your audience, incorporate these innovative tactics into your plan.

Finally, know what sites to have your business associated with. Avoid sites that don’t pass the “smell test.” You know which sites have your best interests at heart. Avoid the sites that are just using you to build their audience. Not sure? Test the site from a consumer perspective. Is it clear how to contact the listing broker, or are competing brokers displayed along with, or instead of, the listing broker? Is there an opportunity for an end-user to engage with you or the site?

The time of a real estate professional is valuable; therefore, locating suitable sites to market your business that proves profitable are essential. The panel topic of “Expose Your Listings Online” should reveal some great information. We look forward to hearing your feedback. Be sure to chat with us on Twitter: eNeighborhoods
and and use the convention hashtag #RmxR4 or feel free to comment on this blog.