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Are you looking for ways to set your properties apart as the place to live and your company as the company to rent from? If you’re looking for ways to be exceptional, consider making your residences more than just clean and safe. Make them friendly. Here are some tips to make your properties more pet, child, and parent friendly.

Pet Friendly:

Finding a good rental property when you have a pet can be challenging. Between weight limits, breed restrictions, and huge pet deposits, finding a home that will accept Spot and Fluffy can be quite the headache. Draw in residents by not just accepting their furrier family members, but by welcoming them.

Make a pet-friendly impression to anyone who stops by your office by adding a “pet wall” to your office, showcasing some of the four-legged members of your rental families. Add a bowl of pet treats to the office and keep a bowl of water near the door. Show potential renters that you love animals. Consider adding a “pet of the month” column to your monthly newsletter or social sites and partner up with a local pet store to offer the winner a small prize.

Family Friendly:

Running errands with kids can be tough. Help parents keep their kids occupied while they’re filling out paperwork by adding a bookshelf with kids books or an activity table with crayons and coloring books in the office. Also consider keeping bottled water and some healthy snacks on hand that you can offer kids who visit with their parents.

When choosing a home, safety is a key consideration for parents. Make sure all fences and railings in your property are secure. If there is a pool, add a child lock to keep unattended children out. If your property is near a busy road, add a fence to keep kids from straying unwittingly into the road.

Consider making “new parent” gift baskets for families that move in with small children or who have a baby while living at your property. Include inexpensive safety items such as a toilet lock, outlet covers, or cabinet locks along with a baby-proofing checklist specific to your property’s needs. For parents with older children, have a list of the public and private schools ready for each of your properties so parents will know what their education options are.

Making your property more welcoming to the whole family isn’t an all or nothing effort. Choose one or two tips to get you started, and once you’ve made your changes, make sure you show your property off with Featured Property Manager!