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As many of you know, staying ahead of the competition is easier said than done. In fact, if you don’t have the necessary tools and resources it may even seem impossible. But for one broker from Daytona Beach FL., staying on top has been a breeze since his company partnered with has helped us keep our finger on the pulse of the market, ensuring we have the tools and resources we need to maintain a competitive edge” says John J. Adams, general manager of Adams, Cameron & Co. REALTORS®. Adams, who initially only needed a new website for his company, has taken advantage of the products offered by and has found they serve as great resources for providing quality leads to his agents.

Adams also finds the branding power of to be second to none. “Since day one, has worked closely with us to ensure that we use our brand and message to our advantage by incorporating the same logos, imagery and colors in everything we do so that each component looks the same” states Adams. In fact, Adams has found to be so effective that he has purchased websites for the 220 agents of his team. offers agents the opportunity to upload valuable media assets to their websites, giving potential buyers a better user experience when searching for their next home. This helps ensure that when an agent is contacted by a prospective buyer, you can bet that they are serious. According to Adams, “One thing I firmly believe in is that every agent needs to have a website, and every listing needs to have a virtual tour, providing websites for each of my agents has taken some things off their plates so they can focus on identifying buyers and sellers in order to complete transactions”.

Finally Adams emphasizes how vital’s Social Media tools are for his firm. “Today, social media is more ingrained than anything else. Users are checking Facebook and Twitter from their mobile phones, iPads and tablets, so it has to be ubiquitous. And you have to put out the right information that will continue to drive people back.”

The social wall feature feeds updates from any of the company’s social networks, directly to the agent’s website. Not only does this help agents keep up with everything going on, it allows consumers to conveniently find everything they need during their home search right from the agent’s website.“These sites work to increase their exposure as an agent, while maximizing results from potential buyers since they showcase each of their listings” is your company’s place to grow! See how other brokers are growing with valuable resources and tools to expand their business.