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It’s Customer Service Week! Each day we’ll be posting a Customer Service tip to help YOU “Be the One” and make a difference for your clients!

Today’s Customer Service Week Tip: Share the Joy with Client Testimonials.

You know the feeling — you’ve closed a deal with a client whose home buying dreams have finally come true with your help. They’re elated to embark on this new adventure of home ownership and they have you to thank.

Why not ask your happy clients to write up a quick testimonial of their time with you?

You can put these testimonials on your website or on one of your social media outlets (like your LinkedIn profile or your Facebook page)! This is a great way to increase customer service because:

1. It holds you accountable. If you have a track record of being a helpful real estate agent, that will encourage you to keep it up so that you meet your prospects’ expectations of you.

2. It makes your past clients feel valued. By taking their opinions and proudly displaying them in a place that will be seen by many, it shows that you hold your clients in high regard.

3. It lets prospects know that you’re trustworthy. When prospects read your clients’ testimonials, you can bet that that’s the best form of advertising. They’ll believe the word of their peers over anything else.

Have you had any luck with client testimonials? Comment and let us know!