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It’s Customer Service Week! Each day we’ll be posting a Customer Service tip to help YOU “Be the One” and make a difference for your clients!

Today’s Customer Service Week Tip: Listen Deeply to Your Clients’ Needs

You’re the real estate professional. You’re the one who gets paid to do this for a living. By all accounts, you’re the one who knows best when it comes to real estate. Sometimes, we can let our knowledge carry our way through meetings with clients so far that at the end of it all, we don’t really know what they need at all. We just know what we think they need.

For example: how silly would you feel if you showed a client a listing, boasting the beautiful spiral staircase in the middle, only to hear them remind you that they casually mentioned once that their daughter is wheelchair-bound?

Being an active, effective listener is one of the best ways to display customer service. Not only do you show your client how much you really, truly care about them, but you also work together with your client to achieve the best possible result for their unique circumstances. It’s a win-win situation!

It may seem like a point that goes without saying, but during Customer Service Week, try to “be the one” who listens more than any other real estate agent!