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Internet leads can be tough to cultivate because there is a general lack of trust on the part of both parties. The consumer may feel cautious about trusting an Internet source and the real estate agent can sometimes be apprehensive about working with an Internet consumer. The truth is, Internet leads are no different from any other lead source – you just need to learn how to nurture Internet leads and sooner or later it will sell. Here are a three simple rules to help you close more Internet leads:

Rule #1: Respond Quickly

It is imperative that you contact Internet leads quickly or else they will find another source for their answer. Internet consumers expect instant answers and usually prefer to receive information to review on their own before connecting in person or even on the phone. Historically, research on Internet consumers has shown that they expect to be contacted within 24 hours of their inquiry.

Rule #2: Be patient

You must have patience with an Internet lead. According to the National Sales Executive Association, 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact, while only 2% of sales are made on the initial contact. Therefore, it’s crucial that you find a way to connect in a meaningful way through your first email contact. Do not try to hard sell them on the first contact. Gain their trust first, and they will soon be a dedicated client.

Rule #3: Create a template initial contact email

Create a template for an email that you send to all initial Internet leads and store it on your phone and computer for easy access. Write the email in a simple, templated format that will allow you to make quick changes by adding only a few words. Another way to ensure the quickest response is to setup an auto respond email that will be sent directly to anyone who emails you. This way, you can control the information that is presented to your leads, the first time they are in contact with you.

Another tip! Include a link in your automatic email replay that directs to your website. This link should take them to view additional information about you and your listings. As we’ve discussed many times, Internet browsers will be searching for more information. So, make sure you provide it for them.

Remember, your patience and regular contact will build a great relationship with Internet leads that will help you meet clients for life. No matter what buying stage your online prospects are at, just remember that the more you have in the lead pipeline, the more opportunity you have for closed transactions down the road.

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