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Last week Chris Smith, Cofounder of CURAYTOR, presented a FREE webinar sponsored by and Secrets of Top Selling Agents entitled “iPad Apps for Real Estate Agents”.  If you missed it, don’t fret – you can watch the recording by visiting the previous webinars page of the Secrets Webinars website.  There, you can also see all of the other archived webinars, hosted by big wigs like Gary Keller, Larry Kendall, Sue Adler, Barbara Corcoran,  Brad Korn, and Michael Maher.Watch this webinar and see what everyone is talking about!

In this packed-house webinar, Chris Smith shared in a matter-of-fact, easy to understand way, what are his best suggestions for strategies using the iPad for real estate and which apps are key. It also doesn’t matter which model you have! Whether you’ve got a first-gen or the latest edition, Chris Smith says there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the topics Chris covered in this webinar:

  • Should you use LTE or Wifi?
  • What’s an easy way to brand your iPad? 
  • Why realtors and other real estate professionals aren’t successful without social media mobile.
  • How to control all of those unnecessary alerts.
  • How to organize your iPad to minimize endless scrolling.

**See the archived webinar for the answers, plus more!

Here are just some of the apps Chris says real estate agents can use in their business, as well as some our audience members liked:

  1. Pinterest – Check out our eBook if you are new at it!
  2. LinkedIn – We have an eBook for LinkedIn too.
  3. Skitch/Evernote – Write it down, or draw.
  4. Zite – Fresh off the press.
  5. Instapad – Is it Instagram for your iPad or what?
  6. TourWrist – Tourist for your iPad
  7. Homes Connect –  Chris Smith says let other companies like and Homes Connect make you look good.

Watch all of his tips and how you can use these apps and many more here.