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MENUMENU Helps Chicagoland Broker Stay on TopReal estate related searches on Google have grown 253% over the past four years (NAR), making it clear that buyers and sellers are relying on the Internet more than ever during their home search. Real estate professionals must have a website that can meet this demand, which is only possible if it contains all the necessary tools that a home buyer needs when searching for a home.

For Rosemary West, managing broker of RE/MAX Professionals Select, has been a big part of her ability to be this resource. In addition to providing an easy-to-navigate and uncluttered website, has given her the tools she needs to make her clients happy by selling their home quickly and at the right price. “We get as many as half a dozen or more qualified leads a week because of the appearance and content that has helped us develop on our website,” says West, who also mentions the exposure to her business that has been generated from the partnership.

Having a single-office operation employing about 100 agents in the Chicagoland area, West specializes in relocation and corporate communications for a group of Fortune 500 clients. “We’ve become experts at helping Fortune 500 executives coordinate their move to the Chicagoland region,” she says. “We also occasionally list those client’s homes in the communities where they’re moving from.”

“When you declutter a home, it becomes much more appealing to visitors,” says West, “and the same can be said for an agency’s website.” Whether they are corporate or private, West says that almost all of her clients are active on the web. Other than giving their website a better overall feel, West believes that the content is far more valuable because it’s more up to date and precise. “Today’s buyers want to learn what they need to know quickly and easily. They want the information now.”

In addition to improving the website’s look and functionality, also offers a tracking system that allows them to monitor every one of their listings. According to West, “This is something that would have cost us a small fortune to design and implement for our single operation.”

“There’s no way we could do the volume of business we do with the quality of service we deliver, if there was no affiliation to track and follow up on the hundreds of qualified leads we get each month,” says West. “When you’re one of the top brokers in the community, you want to present yourself in a positive way, and has helped me sustain a Top-20 position within the region for a long time,” concludes West.

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